Repaint your aircraft in real time. With FSREPAINT, any painting job can be easily completed faster, thanks to its 3D real time visualization system. You don't need to open the Flight Simulator to check the results any more.

Built in texture editor!

FSREPAINT brings a powerful built in texture editor allowing you to check your painting jobs on the fly. Several drawing tools area available like rectangles, circles, lines, texts, fill and selection tools as well.
Support for third party (external) image editors!

However, if you prefer to use your favourite image editor, no problem: FSREPAINT supports most image editors available on the market, like Corel Photopaint, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and several more.
Use the "Light" tool to create your own night effects!

With FSREPAINT's "light" tools and night visualization mode you can add several coloured light sources to the textures to create amazing effects in your fleet. Three light source types are available: ambient, directional and omnidirectional.
Friendly interface!

FSREPAINT brings a very intuitive and friendly user interface. You can rotate, drag or apply infinite zoom levels to the 3D models just using your mouse. Up to four 3D windows can be shown to provide several angles of view to help you complete your work.
Customizable working environment!

Almost every aspect of FSREPAINT's visual interface can be changed to satisfy user's preferences. You can change the tool bar's position, light sources intensity, background images and even the colours of several visual items.
True Colour painting with real alpha channel!

With the true colour system, millions of colours area available to be used in your aircraft. You can, of course, create transparent parts using our alpha channel painting tools.
Reflective textures support!

FSREPAINT lets you work with a special kind of texture which reflects the environment light: the reflective textures. Using this feature you can create very realistic metallic parts as can be seen in this Boeing 737 fuselage .
Repaint your virtual cockpits!

With FSREPAINT you can not only repaint the external view of your fleet, but their internals as well. The program supports virtual cockpits if available in the aircraft model.
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